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WELCOME TO BCA Financial Services 



American Collectors Association- (ACA International) 45-year member.                                        

New Jersey Association of Collection Agencies- 45-year member.    



BCA collectors operate a relatively small shop that brings collection intensity and expertise to every claim it attempts to collect.


Commercial claims (business to business) are a specialty, but all consumer collections are handled diligently and effectively

with respect to the debtor and their rights under FDCPA (The Federal Collection Law). 

Who uses BCA Financial Services:

Every business operation from Architectural firms to X-Ray Laboratories are candidates for BCA Financial Services expertise. 



Have your internal collection efforts stalled?  Don't wait to turn an account over for collection.

Delay helps your debtor, not you!

 We know you want to get paid on your accounts in a timely and efficient manner!

  ----> E-mail us for more information and a prompt response. 


Have a question? Email John Debold (the owner) here for a very quick response. 

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