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"MBAC" or Medical Billing Accreditation Consultants.

They're located in the Northern New Jersey town of South OrangeTheir specialty is medical billing--an extremely difficult profession. Doctors' offices and other medical providers find their services worthwhile not just because they solve the paperwork problem, but they can successfully navigate the insurance maze to secure payments.

A recent visit to their offices showed an industrious, diligent and knowledgable staff busy solving the payment problems of their medical clients.

They came upon us (BCA Financial Services) only for the stubborn "collection" accounts which only amount to a small fraction of their business.

Call Liza or Cary at 973-275-1860. They're hard at work for their clients at least 6 days a week!

OR...if you'd like, just call or write BCA Financial Services (John Debold - 973-429-7616). 

MBAC is now on AMAZON


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MBAC Office Solutions (Division of MBAC-See Below) is your one-stop shop for medical supplies and equipment, products to enhance your daily living, and office products.

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